Relais del Maro

Albergo Diffuso

Albergo Diffuso a Borgomaro

An “Albergo Diffuso” is an accommodation concept that offers guests a chance to experience village or small-town life, whilst having all normal hotel services, namely a reception, restaurant area and communal spaces for guests.

Live your experience in our Albergo Diffuso in Liguria

Accommodation is in houses and rooms no further than 120 metres away from the “heart” of the structure, the building where the reception and other communal areas are located. However, the Albergo Diffuso is also a model for regional development with a low environmental impact. Indeed, there is no need for construction work to give life to an Albergo Diffuso, as work is limited to salvaging and rebuilding that which already exists, thus adding it to the network. The Albergo Diffuso also acts as “social protection”, reanimating historic centres by stimulating initiatives and involving local producers, who are considered to be a key component of this offering.

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We are an Eco Hotel

Relais del Maro is part of the EcoWorldHotel chain, the main group of eco-aware hotels and B&Bs in Italy, connected by one innovative philosophy, one project that aims to safeguard the environment.

It is also one of the Green Pearls® Unique Places, a portfolio of selected environmentally-friendly hotels with unique features. The Green Pearls® Unique Places philosophy is based on the responsibility of each individual for the protection of the planet and the respect of different cultures and traditions.

Members of Green Pearls are the demonstration that there are wonderful places that actively contribute to ecological tourism, without neglecting comfort and quality. The Relais del Maro meets Green Pearls’ requirements with its ecological philosophy and the initiatives put in place to make the world a “greener” place.Here at Borgomaro, thanks to the firm commitment dedicated as much to the project as to the reconstruction works and the everyday running of the hotel, we have received the Marchio di Qualità Ambientale EcoWorldHotel (EcoWorldHotel Environmental Quality Mark) and the one from Green Pearls® Unique Places.

Each day, we do our best to:

  1. reduce the impact of building management related activities on the surrounding area
  2. apply small but effective initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption in our everyday work
  3. use eco-compatible technologies and alternative energy sources such as solar-thermal and photovoltaic energy
  4. promote a type of responsible tourism, which is mindful of ecology
  5. involve our guests in our ecological choices, for example, by inviting them to adopt simple yet significant strategies during their stay in the hotel to protect our environmental heritage;
  6. support initiatives that may be directed towards promoting and raising awareness of the traditions, the culture and the history of the region in which we live or in which we may find ourselves for our holiday or work.

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