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Aurigo & Poggialto


A town in the middle of the coast, stretched out between the site of a castle with the palazzo of Count Ventimiglia, then De Gubernatis Ferrero, and the parish church of Natività di Maria, another building by Giacomo Filippo Marvaldi (project begun in 1700). There are terraced houses in the town, with portals and decorations in sculpted stone. The settlement was moved here close to the castle from a higher point where the now Baroque church of Sant’Andrea is located, but with nearby bell-towers from the 11th century. Beyond the fields and vineyards lies the monumental sanctuary of San Paolo, in an excellent position with decorative elements dating from the 16th and 17th centuries and a triptych by Giulio De Rossi, painted between 1567 and 1569.


“Villa” of Aurigo. The name says it all. High up (“alto”), on a knoll (“poggio”), it is a small town on the edge of a large olive growing estate, with a high yield of excellent quality olives. Everything centres around the church of San Bernardo, another memorial to the protection of travellers then and now, Baroque, but with Medieval foundations. From here, amongst dry stone walls and olive groves, it is a short descent to Aurigo.

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