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Conio & San Bernardo


A handful of houses clustered together as a bastion of the last counts of Ventimiglia. There is a long-distance dialogue between the ancient church of San Maurizio, with influences from the 11th, 12th and 15th centuries, on the plain beneath the settlement and the bell-tower of the Baroque parish church within the village, named after the Nativity of Mary and the result of works carried out by Giacomo Filippo Marvaldi (a project begun in 1701). It is a place of fountains, with a square where people used to play at “pallapugno”. It is also a place of chestnut groves, of woods with imposing oaks, and plantations. The Conio bean grows here, one of the three white beans imported by Spain from America. The outline of the castle can be seen higher up, established in 1261, which went from being a place of defence to a country residence. A splendid viewpoint.

San Bernardo di Conio

A mountain pass of great importance to the most ancient routes for shepherds, merchants, artists and ideas. Pastures and the edges of woodland, a few houses, an inn, the rebuilt church, in memory of San Bernardo d’Aosta, patron saint of travellers. From here you can go anywhere: towards the sea, towards Piedmont, towards the nearby valleys, in search of the sun and unlimited views.

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