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Maro Castello

Maro Castello & The Villas

Maro Castello

The heart of Maro. It’s a village sheltering close to the castle ruins, of which unfortunately nothing more than a part of the circular tower remains, with a fountain and houses with Medieval walls and the church of the Assumption.

Ville San Sebastiano

Three suburbs: Trucchi, Pellegrini and Costa (Poggio). The first two take their names from the families that have always lived there. A parish church which is the fruit of various phases of reconstruction, in which we can recognise signs of fifteenth- and seventeenth-eighteenth century works. Higher up is the sanctuary of Madonna della Neve with a beautiful view.

Ville San Pietro

Still called “ville” (town), this is made up of suburbs bear the names of the families that live there or the places in which they are situated: Marpero, Costa, Ciapparolo, Barca… In the middle, nestled amongst the suburbs, lies the richly decorated Baroque parish church of San Pietro in Vincoli, begun in 1771 under the orders of Filippo Maria Marvaldi and the simple oratory of the Confraternita. Each suburb has its own chapel. A mule path leads to the sanctuary of Madonna dell’Acquasanta, linked to a blessed spring.

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