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A nature and history walk: from Maro to Colle d’Oggia and Carpasio.

A nature and history walk: from Maro to Colle d’Oggia and Carpasio.
From a historic viewpoint, Carpasio has always depended on the Maro. Even though the Carpasina valley is a tributary of the Argentina, Carpasio was linked to the church of the Saints Nazario and Celso, from whom the parish separated in 1424 and then became part of the historic events surrounding the Maro. To reach Carpasio today, one can set off from San Bernardo di Conio or climb up from Ville San Pietro, reaching a height of 1,100 metres to take advantage of the beauty of the never-ending pastures and views. The compulsory stopping point is at Colla d’Oggia (the name comes from the presence of opulus, “maple” in Latin). One also has the pleasure here of taking in some spectacular views over the different sides of the valley. The area is part of a SIC (Sito di importanza comunitaria – Site of importance for the community) on an environmental level, which is centred around the nearby Mount Carpasina. There are some officinal herbs here of the utmost importance, including lavender and several species of orchid. In the waters which spring from here, freshwater prawns can be found and there are more than fifty species of protected birds in the area, including the golden eagle.

The descent towards Carpasio is steep. Carpasio is a settlement which has preserved some ancient features in its stone rooftops, its defensive shape, and in its memories of pastoral activities. The parish church is dedicated to Sant’Antonino and is the result of a rebuilding process in the seventeenth century on top of the previous building, with a hanging bell-tower. Around the town, there are sacred chapels and a small sanctuary dedicated to Virgin Mary. Then there are the suburbs of Carpasio, all of them tiny pastoral towns: Costa, Arzene, Glori, Ugello and Fontanili. The Museum of the Resistance is situated in Costa, in a large old house which was once occupied by partisans.

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